3 Top Trends in Wood Flooring

When it comes to picking the right flooring for your home, wood is the perfect option to stick with. Over the recent years, wood flooring has become a perfect alternative to vinyl, porcelain, and ceramic tiles. Wood flooring stands out from the crowd and is simply the best option for a sustainable development. It is the only renewable building material used for flooring. Also, wood flooring is far more durable than other flooring options and is comfortable for your feet.

Here are 3 top wood flooring trends which you can follow for your home or office-

  • Grey Oak Flooring- If you are looking to create light and airy environment within your living spaces then grey oak flooring is the right choice for you. Grey floors are quite popular and can be seen easily these days.
  • Dark Oak Flooring- Dark oak flooring can perfectly suit any commercial and domestic environment. Superb at creating subtle warmth, dark flooring is really attractive when combined with light colored furnishing and décor.
  • Sustainable wood flooring- Wood flooring is the most environment-friendly flooring option but only when it is from a sustainable source. Getting the wood flooring from sources that aren’t sustainable impacts environment badly. There is a current shift in the demand of people for sustainably sourced timber or wood floors.

ceramic tiles

In comparison to tiled floors, good wood flooring can even make your kitchen look bigger. There are plenty of sustainable sources of wood flooring in MetroWest that can provide you sustainably sourced timber and other flooring options. There are a variety of options to choose from which differ in terms of color, styles, and finish. The only thing you require is a good research which will lead you to pick up an appropriate service provider.

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